Homeowners, it’s time to prepare your living spaces for winter with a furnace that keeps you comfortable and cozy. A furnace serves as the heart of your home during those brisk mornings and nights – we recognize this fact by offering special promotions that not only promise unmatched warmth but also promise significant financial savings!

Presenting our unrivalled Furnace Rebate offer, specially curated to appeal to those who seek quality without compromising value for money. If you’ve been considering upgrading or installing a new furnace now could not be more opportune. For a limited window only, we are offering rebates of up to $2,000 on select premium furnace models ensuring cutting-edge technology meets efficiency at an attractive price point.


Specifically, the Lennox High efficiency 96% DC Motor furnace, originally priced higher, can now be yours for as low as $3,999 after the rebate is applied.

Still considering your finances? No need to fret! In keeping with our commitment to affordability, we have introduced flexible financing solutions designed to fit a range of budgets. Choose manageable monthly installments starting as low as $59.99; for those preferring deferring payments we offer the option to start payments next year allowing more breathing room with current financial commitments.

Our furnace rebate offer is more than savings–it is an expression of our dedication to serving our community, ensuring every household can access high-quality heating solutions without breaking the bank. A furnace investment not only brings immediate comfort; but can lead to reduced energy bills and a smaller carbon footprint over time.

This promotion provides more than financial savings; it’s an invitation to upgrade your living standards, invest in cutting-edge technologies, and prepare your home for cozy winter seasons ahead. Don’t wait, act now, and seize this golden opportunity: equipping your home with only the best while taking advantage of unparalleled savings – and look forward to an enjoyable winter season ahead.