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The Complete Guide To Central AC Repair and Maintenance

With the upcoming summer season, make sure your central air conditioner is at its best state. Knowing who and which company to contact once you need central AC repair should be noted. There is a reason why your normal AC repair techniques don’t work on central AC problems because of their difference in complexity of their systems. Usually, central AC has a more complex and larger network of ductwork. Be mindful to pick your trusted central AC repair company because this type of AC requires specialized knowledge and tools to repair and maintain the product. 

Central AC is used in homes, offices, resorts, hospitals, laboratories and many more. That is why it is important to discuss the proper maintenance and occasional repair to get the optimal function of your unit. This article will provide you with 10 essential guides to central AC repair and maintenance that every owner should know but before that, here is a list of common central AC problems.

Central AC Problems and How to Prevent Them

Compared to normal AC, central AC systems are generally more reliable, but they still encounter problems that owners may encounter. Here are some of the most common problems.

Dirty air filters
This is the most common problem for central AC and it can cause your system to work harder than it needs to.

Refrigerant leaks
Refrigerant leaks can cause the AC system to lose cooling capacity, resulting in reduced comfort and higher energy bills.

Thermostat issues
Faulty thermostats can cause the AC system to turn on and off too frequently, leading to unnecessary wear and tear on the system.

Now we will focus on how to prevent these problems by understanding the repair and maintenance process.

Guides to Central AC Repair and Maintenance

Change air filters regularly

The recommended lifespan of an air filter is up to 3 months and it should be changed regularly. Dirty air filters reduce the efficiency of your AC unit and may probably even increase your bills.

Check refrigerant levels

Refrigerant is a working fluid used in the refrigeration cycle of air conditioning systems. If your refrigerant is low, it can cause your unit to lose its cooling capacity. Make sure to have the refrigerant levels checked regularly and top up if needed. 

Clean the outdoor unit 

This process can be done by you or anyone present by using soft brush or cloth if ever the outdoor unit gets clogged with dirt and foreign debris reducing its airflow. 

Clean the indoor evaporator coil

Call your trusted central AC repair company to check if the indoor evaporator coil is too dirty. A dirty indoor evaporator coil can reduce your unit’s cooling capacity and increase your energy bills. 

Inspect the ductwork

Have it checked by a professional technician if your central AC has damaged or disconnected ductwork. This can lead to reduced efficiency, higher energy bills and other bigger problems may arise. 

Calibrate the thermostat

Regularly calibrating your thermostat is a good practice for central AC maintenance. If it is not functioning properly, have it replaced by your technician because faulty thermostats can cause your AC system to turn on and off frequently which will result in higher energy bills.

Check electrical connections

If your technician notices loose or damaged electrical connections, they will have them tightened or replaced. This issue can cause your AC system to malfunction or even fail. 

Lubricate moving parts

Moving parts such as the fan motor and compressor can benefit from lubrication to reduce wear and tear. Consult your central AC technician to do this. 

Keep the area around the outdoor unit clear

To ensure optimal airflow and higher efficiency of your unit, keep the furniture away from the outdoor unit to prevent damage. 

Schedule professional maintenance

To make your regular maintenance easy, it is best to have your go-to central AC repair company that has professional technicians to inspect your unit at least once or twice a year. If you live around the Greater Vancouver Area, a suggested HVAC company is Aire Energy as they provide a reliable and affordable service. They can easily detect and fix the issues that may not be apparent to owners.

Why Work With Us?

In conclusion, Aire Energy is an excellent choice for anyone in need of central AC repair and maintenance services. Their team of experienced and certified technicians is equipped to handle any issue that may arise with your AC system, and their commitment to customer satisfaction ensures that you will receive the highest quality service possible. With their 24/7 emergency repair services, you can rest easy knowing that your AC system is in good hands, no matter the time of day or night. So, if you’re looking for a reliable and trustworthy HVAC company to take care of your AC system, look no further than Aire Energy.