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Heat pumps have been an increasingly popular alternative to air conditioning units as the summer heat arrives – although you might think these clever devices were only meant for heating! We will take a closer look at how heat pumps function during this season and why they provide you with comfort while remaining energy-efficient in keeping cool when temperatures soar.

Aire Energy can keep you warm in the winter and cool in the summer with our heat pump installation service. We will show you how much you can benefit from installing a heat pump in your area and how much you can cut down on your heating bills. While heat pumps may initially have higher upfront costs than traditional systems, their investment pays off over time. With our heat pump rebate offer in Vancouver that saves up to $15,600 – you can take advantage of even more financial incentives to make the switch.

What Can You Do With A Heat Pump In The Summer?

During the sweltering summer season, a heat pump operates just like your run-of-the-mill air conditioner. Standard ACs function by utilizing a refrigerant to soak up the unwelcome heat inside your abode and dispatch it into the atmosphere outside. This takes place through a  transformation of the refrigerant’s pressure, which causes it to absorb any available heat and morph from a liquid to a gas at low pressures. At high pressures, the gas refrigerant packs a punch of energy, allowing it to transmit heat to the surrounding air, and condense back into a liquid once it cools down. By expertly manipulating the pressure of the refrigerant, an air conditioner can efficiently suck out the heat from your place, even during scorching heat waves.

How Can I Make My Heat Pump More Efficient In The Summer?

#1 – Choose the right heat pump mode for your summer needs

With three different modes to choose from for the heat pump – you’ve got options. Start with “Fan” mode for simple air circulation without blasting icy cold air, though keep in mind it won’t actually cool the room. For increased humidity levels, “Dry” mode may help by reducing moisture in the air and making a room feel more pleasant overall. When temperatures really spike up it’s time for “Cool” mode which offers instant relief by bringing down temperatures effectively.

#2 – Schedule regular heat pump maintenance

Your key to ensuring optimal performance of your heating and cooling system lies in maintaining its condition in top shape. As important as regular filter cleaning is, it’s equally essential that you follow manufacturer recommendations for professional service to detect any potential issues before they become major headaches. Aire Energy can assist in scheduling your heat pump maintenance whenever needed. Our technicians are standing by in the Greater Vancouver Area to offer reliable installations and repairs at unbeatable prices, plus easy-to-attain rebates so that you can save even more while receiving top-quality service. From same-day appointments to emergency repairs 24/7 – trust AireEnergy to get the job done correctly every time!

#3 – Direct the airflow in the most efficient way and avoid “auto” mode

A heat pump’s airflow can be easily redirected. If you want to maximize reach, direct the air towards the open space that is farthest from the indoor unit and away from obstructions. Trying out different settings may help you determine what works best for you. While setting the control or thermostat to “auto” mode and letting the heat pump handle things might seem intuitive, it’s not necessarily true. Ideally, you should choose “heat” or “cool” manually. You’ll be able to keep your space comfortable while saving energy by doing so.


How Do I Protect My Outside Heat Pump Unit?

Clear Away Debris: Make sure that any leaves, twigs, or other debris around the unit are removed in order to facilitate proper airflow and avoid damaging its components. This will help ensure optimal functioning.

Cover Your Unit: If you live in an area with harsh weather or temperatures that fluctuate drastically, investing in a cover for your heat pump unit could protect it from wind gusts, raindrops or excessive heat. This could help shield it from possible damage caused by wind gusts, raindrops or extreme temperatures.

Clean the Coils: Over time, your heat pump coils may become filthy with debris that accumulates on them. To avoid this happening, give them an occasional cleaning using either a soft brush or a gentle stream of water.

Trim back vegetation: All shrubs, trees and other forms of vegetation should be pruned back to prevent them from blocking the airflow and avoid any potential damage to the unit’s exterior.

Heat pumps are an efficient and cost-saving way to heat and cool your home year-round, helping save you money on energy costs, reduce carbon footprint and improve indoor comfort. AireEnergy is here to assist you with finding the ideal solution for your home and budget – plus let you take advantage of our heat pump rebate offer that saves up to $15,600 in Greater Vancouver BC! Don’t miss this chance to upgrade your heating system while reaping all its advantages; call us now at 1(855)-847-7892 to know more about the offer!