Are you looking for something better, more effective, and more efficient than an air conditioner? A heat pump is an energy-efficient option that can help reduce your carbon footprint. This is an electrical device that moves heat from a lower temperature location to a higher temperature location. Its purpose is to regulate the temperature of particular spaces and rooms in your home to ensure maximum comfort all year round. As a reliable source of heating and cooling in moderate climates, a heat pump will bring your home comfort levels right where you want them. If you are looking for something that can cool your air as well as heat your air when needed, look no further.

At Aire Energy, we can help you determine the economic advantages of installing heat pumps in your area and the potential savings that can be achieved. Although heat pumps may require more components than other heating systems, they can be more expensive. Therefore, taking advantage of our heat pump rebate offers can be a wise financial decision.

Heat Pump Rebates
If you’re concerned about the added expense of a heat pump, there’s good news. In some areas you can recoup this cost quickly through reduced energy expenses and significant greenhouse gas (GHG) savings. Our energy advisor at Aire Energy can help you calculate your costs and savings when you invest in a heat pump. If you’re currently using natural gas, oil, or propane to heat your home in Greater Vancouver, BC you may be eligible for up to $11,000 in rebates for switching to an electric heat pump. Contact us to find out if you qualify for this rebate at 1(855)-847-7892.

Currently, there are rebates available for ductless heating and cooling systems, allowing you to enjoy ideal temperatures while saving money. These rebates can save you between $2,500 and $10,600. Contact us at Constant Home Comfort today to have your ductless system installed or to learn more through our 24/7 online chat service. Enbridge Gas and Canada’s Greener Homes Grant have teamed up to offer rebates for homes qualified for new features, including home insulation, heat pumps, and renewable energy systems. This coordinated program called Home Efficiency Rebate Plus will help more Ontarians save energy at home. This is excellent news for residents throughout the province, including current Enbridge Gas clients who heat their homes with natural gas. They can benefit from increased rebates of up to $10,000. 

Heat Pumps Save You Money
Heat pumps are more energy-efficient than furnaces and central air conditioners for several reasons. Instead of actually heating or cooling the air in your home, heat pumps transfer warm or cool air from one part of your home to another. This heat transfer method is significantly more efficient. In cooling mode, a heat pump extracts heat from warm air inside your home and releases it outside. When your home is being heated, the heat pump takes cooler air from outside, warms it, and releases it into your home.

Space heating consumes more than 60% of the energy used in the average Canadian home, due to the cold climate. To reduce your utility bill and carbon footprint, it’s recommended to switch to energy-efficient heating equipment. Keep in mind that the cost of operating a product over its lifespan is just as important as its purchase price. If you have trouble maintaining a consistent temperature throughout your home, with the second floor being too warm and the basement too cold, ductless systems are an ideal solution. They ensure that every area of your home is exceedingly comfortable, even when the temperature outside is as low as 30 degrees Celsius.

What Choose GREE Heat Pumps?
GREE is a highly-regarded manufacturer of air conditioners and heat pumps known for their exceptional quality. Their commitment to research, design, and development is evident in their products. GREE places a high value on customer satisfaction and strives to exceed expectations. Their innovative line of heat pumps are energy-efficient and deliver superior comfort, making them some of the best products available. GREE is dedicated to producing environmentally friendly products and their G10 inverter technology allows for efficient energy consumption without sacrificing performance. They offer a variety of ductless mini split heat pumps tailored to fit your home’s unique needs and provide optimal comfort. At Aire Energy we’re proud to offer the best GREE HVAC products for your home.