You can save a lot of money on the purchase of your next heat pump system by taking advantage of rebates. With many government and federal rebates including Canada’s Greener Homes Grant & Enbridge, residents of Langley can enjoy the benefits of massive savings on home efficiency upgrades. AireEnergy helps you to determine the financial advantages of heat pumps for your area. Learn how our heat pump rebates in Langley can help you make a wise financial decision.

Benefits of Heat Pumps

Heat pumps are a more energy-efficient option in Canada, where the space heating is responsible for 60% of all energy consumption. Heat pumps transfer heat from one place to another by using different sources. Heat pumps that use air source technology transfer heat from the inside of a house to the outside air, while heat pumps using ground source technology transfer heat from the inside air and the outside ground. A heat pump, unlike a furnace which produces heat energy, absorbs the heat energy from outside air and transfers it into the indoor air.

How Do Heat Pumps Work?
Air to air heat pumps are the most common type of heat pumps with an outside unit and an inside unit. The reversing valve is the key component that enables heat pumps to work as both heating and cooling devices. When choosing a heating and cooling system, it is important to consider factors such as the size of the home and the local climate.

Heating Mode: Cool air passes over the indoor unit’s heat exchanger to remove some of the thermal energy and provide heating to the room. As heat is removed, the refrigerant will condense into a liquid. The liquid refrigerant then passes through the non-return valve filter drier, and then passes to the second expansion valve. As the refrigerant passes through the expansion valve, it expands in volume, reducing the temperature and pressure. The refrigerant boils at a low temperature and as it boils it carries away the thermal energy.

Cooling Mode: In cooling mode, a heat pump functions like an air conditioner, absorbing heat from indoor air and releasing it through the outdoor unit. The system acts like a normal split air conditioner. The compressor forces the high-pressure, high-temperature vapor refrigerant into the reversing valve, which diverts it to the outdoor unit. This air carries the thermal energy of the refrigerant away, and the refrigerant condenses as it loses its thermal energy. The refrigerant then flows into the indoor heat exchanger where a fan blows warm indoor air over the coil causing the heat to transfer from the air into the refrigerant. The refrigerant boils and takes its heat away, then leaves the indoor unit as a low-pressure, low-temperature, slightly superheated state and flows into the reversing valve, which diverts it back to the compressor to repeat the cycle.

Heat Pump Rebates In Langley
Heat pumps are an efficient and cost-saving way to heat and cool your home year-round, helping save you money on energy costs, reduce carbon footprint and improve indoor comfort. AireEnergy is here to assist you with finding the ideal solution for your home and budget – plus let you take advantage of our heat pump rebate offer that saves up to $15,600 in Langley! Don’t miss this chance to upgrade your heating system while reaping all its advantages; call us now at 1(855)-847-7892 to know more about the offer!