GREE, CHARMO19-110V, 19 SEER, Inverter Heat Pump, 09KBTU, 208/1/60, ODU, GWH09ATCXB-A3DNA1A/O(LCLH)

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Technical Specifications

Voltage230/208 Volts
Nominal Cooling Capacity-9100 (BTU/hr)
Min. – Max. Cooling Capacity820 – 3018 W (2800 – 10300 BTU/hr)
Nominal Heating Capacity-10000 (BTU/hr)
Min. – Max. Heating Capacity655 – 3575 W (2200 – 12200 BTU/hr)
Used Cooling Power Input805 W
Min. – Max. Cooling Power Input180 – 1350 W
Used Heating Power Input781 W
Min. – Max. Heating Power Input150 – 1450 W
Used Rated Input1450 W
Rated Current6.5 A
MCA (Max. Current Amps)9 A
Max. Over-Current Protection (MOCP)15 A
SEER2 (SEER)19.5 (19.5)
HSPF2 (HSPF)8.8 (10)
EER (Energy Efficiency Ratio)3.3 W/W
COP (Coefficient of Performance)3.75 W/W
AHRI Number209271943
Indoor Unit 
Dehumidification1.69 (0.80) pt/hr (l/hr)
Air Flow Volume353 / 282.5 / 264.8 / 229.5 cfm (211.86 / 194.2 / 158.8)
Sound Level51 / 47 / 44 / 42 dB (A) (41 / 38 / 36)
Fan Motor Power Output20 W
Fan Motor RLA (Rated Load Amps)0.3 A
Deflector Stepper Motor Power Output1.5 W
Net Weight19.8 lb (9 kg)
Outdoor Unit 
Air Flow Volume1950 m3/hr
Sound Level51 dB (A)
Compressor Power Input756 W
Compressor LRA– A
Compressor RLA5.2 A
Fan Motor Power Output30 W
Fan Motor RLA (Rated Load Amps)0.4 A
Refrigerant Volume (R410A)24.7 oz (700 g)
Net Weight56.22 lb (25.5 kg)
Operating Ambient Temperature 
Cooling°C (°F)
Heating°C (°F)
Connection Piping/Refrigerant 
Pre-charge Length25 ft. (7.5 m)
Additional Refrigerant Charge0.2 oz/ft. (20 g/m)
Liquid Pipe Outer Diameter44930 in.
Gas Pipe Outer Diameter44993 in.
Maximum height difference33 (10) ft. (m)
Maximum total length66 (20) ft. (m)


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